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This is probably going to be the only part of this site exclusively written in English, to the benefit of web page designers and enthusiasts worldwide. We are going to cover the standards MSIE4 supports as well as the differences, bugs and work-arounds. We will also have a look at the specifics of the MSIE4 shell web view and, of course, on Dynamic HTML.

For a start we have provided some links on the Ressources and Showcase pages. We´ll soon add some more showcases for Dynamic HTML and Desktop Components which are in testing status at the moment. If you have suggestions for showcase or resources sites or want to submit a bug in MSIE4´s rendering of HTML or scripting, please let us know via the Submit ! link. All other links in the Designer´s House are not working yet, please do not try them!

You may have already noted that we use Dynamic HTML on some pages: the navigation buttons on the bottom (if you came via the Bolero Windows 95 Center) are changing according to the section and the text links on the left navigation frame are changing color and appearance while you move the pointer over them. Also, all navigation links for the complete IE-Center site are on a single page and scrolled in and out according to the section - there´s no need for round trips to the server to get the page again as was before. There´s also one which you may not have noticed yet: move your pointer up to our IE-Center header picture and wait some seconds (depending on the speed of your connection). These are just small examples of times to come ... The amazing thing about it is that these examples could be implemented with a minimum of code.


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