Resources on general and MSIE4-specific web design

IE4-specific design in general
IE4 Technologies Starting page at Microsoft for all IE4-related technologies. Demos, gallery, differences 3.0/4.0, detailed overviews and reference links for all the features: Scriptlets, Channels, DHTML, Active Desktop, Active Setup, CSS support, Data persistence, JScript 3.0, Multimedia, Webview, Specs.
InetSDK 4 This is Microsoftīs latest "ActiveX SDK", now named "Internet Client SDK" (InetSDK), because it contains a lot more information: DHTML, channels, VBS and JS reference, DirectAnimation, DirectShow, Java and ActiveX documentation, samples and source material plus documentation on other IE stuff, including information for VB and VC programmers. Itīs been updated for the final release and is a must have for web and software developers. The whole things is over 100 MB in expanded format and about 20 or more in compressed format, but you can get parts of it. If you are just developing web pages you need the documentational parts and some sample stuff, go just for these and you have a 10 MB download which expands to 40 - 50 MB on your disk and is really everything you need to get started with IE4 technologies.
IE World This magazine of ClubIE contains lots of general usage information about Internet Explorer and several primers on the various technologies.
Techweb Introductory site for new IE4 users, contains "Howto's" about several technologies.
Microsoft Script Debugger If you are serious about scripting IE4 you will need and love this tool. It's now in "final" 1.0 version and not the nasty, clumsy "pop-up when you don't need it" thing you experienced a year ago, when it was in alpha/beta state. It's a useful tool now and doesn't clink in unvoluntarily if you just want to "View Source". You can also start it from a separate link in IE and the start menu now. It's even available in German. Download is about 650 KB.
Font Embedding Information and a tool for converting fonts into CSS embeddable files.

HTML 4.0 Standard
HTML 4.0 (Recommendation) Now gone "recommended" - which means this is the new HTML standard! Complete specification on the w3c website. Itīs quite big and also available as a zip file for convenient browsing on your disk. Contains lots of related reference material on SGML, Style Sheets, Frames, Pictures, HTTP etc. and even on basics like URL syntax. Further a very good link page with even more related reference stuff (RFCs, ISO and other). Great, get it, you need it!
W3C specs Other W3C technical documents on similar topics.

Dynamic HTML and Scripting
This is the complete reference for all HTML tags, CSS properties, Scripting objects and methods etc. supported by MSIE4, in short: your neu reference! You can either go to Microsoft and browse it online or (recommended) download parts of the InetSDK.
Factsheet A lengthy outline on Dynamic HTML on the Microsoft site, no code or examples.
How I learned ... How I learned to love Microsoft. An enthusiastic review of the latest display capabilities of MSIE4 on the Webmonkey site (offspring of Hotwired), detailing on Dynamic HTML. A few small examples are there.
Inside DHTML Promo site for book by Microsoft Press, full text here. DHTMLLib, a Javascript library which enables some "dynamic" stuff on "both" browsers.
Webcoder Very brief introduction and outline of differences Microsoft DHTML : Netscape dHTML
Dynamic HTML: A Primer Book by Simon DeLaurent, author of the above introduction, full text of book.
DHTML Zone General site on DHTML, with introduction, tutorials and samples.
Project Cool Showcase site for scripting, many examples.
Script Links,
more Script Links
Links to pages utilizing VBScript and DHTML.

Working Draft "Positioning HTML elements with Cascading Style Sheets." This is a very early preliminary draft by the w3c. Latest version: 31. 1.1997.
LAYERing This is a description of the infamous <LAYER> tag by Netscape. Itīs not compatible with the W3C activities. If you want to support open standards rely on the W3C and donīt use <LAYER>.

CSS - Cascading Style Sheets
W3C spec This is the "recommendation" document by the W3C. It is detailed and quite long. However, itīs the only "official" source on style sheets you can rely on. Date: 17.12.1996.
MSIEīs use of CSS Some comments and samples on the MSIE usage of CSS, detailing on some problems, mostly with IE3.
W3C Style Activities This is an overview on the style sheet activities of the W3C and a central linking point to get on all relevant documents and learn about browsers supporting CSS.
Userīs Guide to Style Sheets This is a straight to the point introduction in the use of style sheets on the Microsoft site. Excellent for beginners. Itīs on the MSIE3 implementation of CSS which is a bit different from the standard and from MSIE4.
CSS Quick Reference This Quick Reference by Stephen Pemberton is targetted to the "mature" user of style sheets. Itīs not a documentation.
No Style Pages This is a detailed overview by Braden N. McDaniel what style properties are supported and which are not supported by MSIE. It covers MSIE on the Mac as well. The outline follows the chapter structure of the W3C original document, so itīs a good companion for checking while you read the spec.
Web Design Group This is part of a general help site for web designers. Itīs targetted to the novice and slightly advanced user and usable as a stand-alone encyclopedic reference if you want to understand the matter without digging through the "official" material. WDG emphasizes on accuracy according to the original W3C documents, not on gmmicks and "work-arounds".
CSS Pointers Impressive effort of a link list to all relevant CSS references

Channels and Webcasting
Microsoft Resources Information on Webcasting, CDF - Channel Definition Format specification, Whitepaper.
Microsoft Channel Tutorial This tutorial is on Active Channels and DHTML and Multimedia effects (filters). There's a small (< 1MB) one and a big (10 MB) one. If you want to have some fun and nice samples go for the big one!

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